My Valentine : My Perfect Day in Paris

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my blog. I hope you enjoyed my previous post, My Top 10 Tips for a Birthday ‘afternoon tea’ party! If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, click here!

In today’s post, I want to tell you about my love affair with one of my favourite cities in the world – Paris – and how I would spend my perfect day there to give you inspiration for your next trip with your loved ones!

In the days running up to Valentine’s Day, everyone seems to be consumed by consumerism, buying tacky, predictable gifts that don’t necessarily show how much you love the people you care about. So, in this season of love,  I thought I would celebrate love in all forms from food to places and share with you my passion for the city of light – Paris.

My love affair with Paris began when I was about 10 when we stopped to visit on the way back from a summer holiday in the south of France. Even at a young age, there was something magical about the atmosphere. But my affair began in earnest when I started reading 19th century French novels that were set with Paris at their heart, and returned to discover the locations within them. Walking in my favourite characters’ footsteps, I felt like I was experiencing it for the first time as I got to know areas beyond the tourist traps. From patisseries to beautiful places to visit and spend time, I really think Paris has it all.

To accompany my post, here is my cover of ‘I Love Paris’ by Cole Porter – the perfect way to sum up how I feel about the French capital!


Breakfast at Cafe de Theatre in Montmartre

48 Rue d’Orsel, Place Charles Dullin

For the perfect start to the day, I would head to Montmartre for breakfast. I always feel there is a creative atmosphere in Montmartre as so many past artists have made it their home.  In Place de Charles Dullin that surrounds the Theatre de l’Atelier, I would have a set breakfast of crepes, a hot drink and orange juice at Café de Theatre. The ideal start to the day in beautiful surroundings.

Visit Basilique de Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre

35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre

After breakfast, I would climb the steps up to Basilica of Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre. It seems fitting in this Valentine’s season to visit somewhere with a heart literally at its heart. Aside from the basilica itself which is a magical building to visit, the view from the top of the hill is, in my opinion, an underrated view of the real Paris as you can see all the entire city laid out before you like a map.

Lunch in Place St Michel

After a morning of exploring the streets of Montmartre, I would head into the centre of Paris for a spot of lunch. The streets behind the Place St Michel have something for everyone and gives you a flavour of French café culture. Even wandering past the many packed restaurants, with tables and chairs set outside ready to welcome hungry customers, is enough to make your tummy rumble.

An afternoon exploring the Seine, Eiffel Tower and Ile de la Cite

After lunch, I would spend time walking around the centre of Paris around the Ile de la Cite and down the Seine. I would recommend a river cruise as they can be a really easy way to see different views of the city without having to walk for miles. And a day in Paris would not be complete without catching a glimpse of the most famous Parisian icon, the Eiffel Tower. Attracting millions of tourists each year, if you want to get to the top, it is worth booking in advance, but I get just as much pleasure sitting and watching as visitors come and go.

Dinner at Le Bouillon Chartier

7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, Metro Grands Boulevards

For dinner, although it’s not the most expensive option, I would return to one of my favourite Parisian restaurants, Chartier. A hidden gem in the centre of Paris, Chartier captures the genuine brasserie experience with its own lovable idiosyncrasies built up over 100 years of history. A traditional French menu, the waiters write your order on the disposable tablecloth on your table. For me, it wouldn’t be a day in Paris without a meal at Chartier.

Amorino Icecream in the Luxembourg Gardens

To finish my perfect day, I would wander through the streets licking an icecream from Amorino. Shaped into roses, but tastier than a Valentine’s bouquet, it would be a lovely treat after a long day on my feet. Then I would walk around one of my favourite gardens in Paris – the Luxembourg. With its beautiful walkways, planting and trees, it is a romantic place to the end the day. Many great romances began here including Cosette and Marius in Les Miserables so I think romance must be in the air in this stunning city!

Thank you for popping by my blog. I hope you enjoyed my perfect day in Paris. If you had the choice, where would be the perfect place for you to spend the day?

See you next time for another post, but in the meantime,

Happy Tuneful Baking!

English Singing Baker x






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